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The Initiative

Three Core Strategies        


Strategy 1: Attract / Recruit New Businesses to Johns Creek

  • Achieve consensus (among public / private sector partners) that JCA is the single point of contact for businesses considering locating or expanding in Johns Creek.
  • Establish relationships with Economic Development (ED) allies and provide them with information regarding Johns Creek assets; seek to align JCA Activities / Goals with local, regional and state allies.
  • Build web site that maximizes inquiries and provides information needed by site selectors and firms considering locating in Johns Creek; list Johns Creek properties available for commercial development or redevelopment.
  • Implement Johns Creek brand-ing campaign. The focus is on attraction / retention of high-end businesses and workers (partner with City).
  • Identify and proactively target industries and businesses that are an ideal fit for Johns Creek (headquarter operations, professional services, service center operations, healthcare operations).


Strategy 2: Support Retention and Expansion of Existing Businesses (BR&E)  


  • Implement proactive business visitation, retention, and expansion program, visiting at least 50 businesses each year.
  • Prioritize for visits those companies identified as likely expansion prospects.
  • Form volunteer "Rapid Response Team" to intervene in critical situations involving a company’s possible expansion or potential departure from Johns Creek.
  • Convene industry sector groups to identify and address common challenges / opportunities.
  • Develop target list of service and support businesses desired by existing businesses; recruit or grow these businesses.


Strategy 3: Support Formation and Growth of Small Businesses 


  • Partner with the Johns Creek Chamber to create a Small Business Resource Center (SBRC). The SBRC will connect area small businesses to business planning, marketing, capital, workforce and other resources traditionally needed by small businesses.
  • Utilize a retail gaps study to support the commercial space needs of small business and entrepreneurs.
  • Continuously work to identify and address any unmet small business needs.

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