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Business of the Year Award

Business of the Year Award

The Johns Creek Business of the Year will be selected from the four Movers & Shakers, as well as all the nominations submitted throughout the year. This means that business nominations will be compiled not just quarterly but annually as well; so you may not receive enough nominations in a quarter, but you could in a year. Also, all of the business person’s nominated throughout the year will be totaled with their company nominations, as well! So, there are lots of ways to win this prestigious award!

To nominate a business for the quarterly Mover & Shaker Award please click here.

People can nominate their favorite business in Johns Creek based on their experience with the business or their knowledge of that business’s commitment to the economic prosperity, quality of life and positive reputation of Johns Creek.

Companies, team members and other people can nominate an employee based out of a business located in Johns Creek. These nominations should highlight that team member’s commitment to furthering the goals of that business in a positive and innovative manner. Examples of such nominations include someone whose research, design, or innovation has furthered the prosperity of the company, a team member that has created or furthered a company initiative, or a team member that is positively involved in the Johns Creek community.

The quarterly Mover & Shaker will be determined by the number of nominations and how each nominee has positively impacted the Johns Creek community. The nomination periods are listed below:

January 1st – March 31st for the first Monday in April announcement.
April 1st – June 30th for the second Monday in July announcement.
July 1st – September 30th for the first Monday in October announcement.
October 1st – December 31st for the second Monday in January announcement.

For questions about the Business of the Year Award or the Movers & Shakers Award please contact Bethany Hountz at blavigno@johnscreekadvantage.org or 470-375-7524.


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